Add a Little Vintage Variation!

By John Ridgway


Some people still seem to think that vintage furniture should be bought just for vintage homes - but thankfully they are in the minority and most of us realise that mixing old and new makes for a creative approach to interior design.

In fact, adding a vintage item to a contemporary setting may just transform the entire look and feel of a room, making it more personal and unique.

It doesn’t have to be a huge piece of furniture or something outlandish - just that one item that makes a difference.

Of course, large items do look good in the right setting but make sure they won’t completely dwarf every other item of furniture and that they will actually fit through your front door on delivery!

An old pine table or dresser can make any kitchen feel very homely, which makes sense as many of us nowadays seem to spend a good deal of time in our kitchens, and a large vintage dining table looks great in a good sized dining room - don’t worry about matching chairs, mix-and-match is fine.

Old sofas and chairs make a sitting room look very cosy, especially if you can get a Chesterfield or a couple of well-worn leather armchairs.

Transform a home office with a vintage desk, a roll-top if you have the space (fine now we have much smaller computers than in previous decades) or a knee-hole if you don’t - and complete the look with an old typewriter or telephone.

A vintage French bed looks great in a bedroom, look out for some period chairs also but make sure they are sturdy if they are to be used for sitting on rather than just to look pretty!

Go for a wooden or marble-topped wash-stand for a bathroom and perhaps a china wash-stand set to go with it.

And your hallway would definitely benefit from a vintage hat-stand, they look great and serve a very practical purpose.

Happy antiques hunting!