Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany lamps were created in New York in the mid 1890s through to the 1930s by Louis Comfort Tiffany & Co. and the original lamps were handcrafted and made of extremely high quality materials and superb craftsmanship.   

Genuine Tiffany lampshades can sell for thousands of pounds (the highest price ever paid being £2.8 million at a Christie’s auction in 1997 ). Because of this expense most people opt for the authentic looking reproductions that are made today.


Reproduction Tiffany style lamps are always popular here at Old  Mill Antiques and we have currently in stock a most unusual Tiffany style Standard Lamp  which is 194cms tall. It depicts the figure of a mermaid on a column holding aloft the most beautiful lamp and it is an extremely  impressive piece priced at £495. ( see picture)

We have a vast selection at the Centre and so our customers have an excellent choice with varied designs shown in the stained glass panels, some will have butterflies, dragonflies, spiders in webs, peacock feathers or there are flowers of many colours , and also there are geometric patterns which are sought after today.

Tiffany style lamps are available in many styles :  Table lamps, Ceiling lights, Chandeliers, Wall lights, Standard lamps, etc.  and they all come in a rainbow of colours. Prices will range from approx. £ 20  for a small table lamp up to £300/£400 for the larger and more ornate pieces.


For many reasons Tiffany lamps have stood the test of time with their vibrant design and beautiful colours.  They will complement both contemporary and traditional homes with an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility.

So, come and visit us here at The Old Mill Antiques Centre,  browse around our showrooms and explore our historic town of Bridgnorth whilst you are here.    You will be made most welcome by all our staff.