Collecting Antique Silver

19th June 2019

Antique Silver is one of the most collectable of all precious metals, from antique silver jewellery, silver photograph frames, teapots, candlesticks, cutlery…. the list is endless. 

Antique silver spoons are a good starting point if you are considering making a collection of silver items, you can buy single spoons, knives and forks for around £10/£20 each.   Or for example, further up the scale a pair of late 19th century ornate silver Apostle Spoons would be worth approximately £100.

When collecting Antique Silver the first thing to look for is the hallmark on the piece, as this will tell you the date when and where it was made.   Also note the condition, as if it is worn or rubbed this will indicate it has been well used and is genuine.  Note also the difference between silver and silver plate (this is when an item looks like real silver but is in fact a base metal with a thin coating of silver).  Silver plate is, of course, much cheaper in value than sterling silver.   

Auctions are a good place to buy Antique silver as the hammer prices are relatively low and there is always the chance you will get a real bargain.  It is quite exciting to complete your first purchase and it will spur you on to add to your collection.    Or if you are looking to sell, Antiques Centres are the best market as you have more potential customers. (1).jpg

Here at The Old Mill Antiques we have a wide and varied selection of silver for sale from silver spoons to beautiful candlesticks, all from different eras dating from the 19th century through the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods and continuing through the 20th century up to the contemporary pieces of silver which are popular today. 

Call in and see us at our  Antiques Centre in the lovely historic town of Bridgnorth and whilst you are here call into Charlie’s Tea Rooms on the first floor and enjoy breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea – you are always most welcome.