Are You Sitting Comfortably...

Today we are talking about upholstered armchairs, literally a comfortable chair with sides that support your arms. There are a variety of armchairs to choose from but if you are looking for a really good comfortable chair that invites you to spend time in it then there are three popular choices. (3).jpg

The Wing Armchair has a long ancestry becoming increasingly popular in the early 18th century. Originally invented to protect from draughts in large rooms and hallways or from the blustering heat of large open fires, it is a chair that you can feel cossetted in. Fully upholstered with exposed wood legs, the style of the wing sides can vary in size and shape. Most popular in today’s market are buttoned leather examples. (4).jpg

The Howard Armchair was originally designed by Howard & Sons of London in the early 19th century. This chair features a flat back, arms that don’t reach fully to the front, deeply upholstered seat and short wood legs with front casters. This design gives a timeless country house feel, a comfortable armchair much reproduced today in a variety of fabrics. Original antique Howard & Sons chairs can still be found and the family run company is still making quality furniture. The Library Chair of the same period is similar but is lower in the seat for relaxing to read books.


The Club Armchair developed in the late 19th century. The reference to “club” is said to be the gentleman’s clubs where they could sink into a comfortable chair and relax with a drink and a cigar, described as “a heavily upholstered easy chair with arms and a low back” making it perfect for relaxing and socialising. Although any fabric can be used, leather is the quintessential upholstery for this style of chair. A stylised version of the club chair became popular in the 1930’s with a low rear, big fender arms and a throwback tilt.



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