Antique Porcelain

Antique Porcelain is highly collectable, from porcelain jugs, vases, bowls, plates, dinner/tea services to figurines, etc.   It is a vast market to explore.


Here at Old Mill Antiques we stock a wide selection with prices to suit all pockets and we have all the manufacturers which are listed below together with many more.  Whether you are a collector or looking for just one piece for yourself, or trying to find a gift for someone you will be sure to find something that appeals to you.

Royal Worcester is a name we all recognise and you can’t go wrong dealing and buying their antique porcelain.   The factory was established in 1751 in Worcester and is famous now for its Royal Worcester figurines, hand painted  vases and tableware especially dinner services.   Some of their most famous artists include John Stinton, Christopher Dresser, Thomas Baxter and William Billingsley.     

Pair of Coalport Rocket Vases with Lakeland View circa 1880

Pair of Coalport Rocket Vases with Lakeland View circa 1880

Coalport porcelain is high on the list for collectors.   The Coalport factory in Shropshire was founded in 1795 and the pieces encrusted with sprigged floral decorations modelled in 3 dimensions were famous at that time and are very collectable now.   They specialised in producing vases and dinner services all with intricately hand painted scenes of birds, fruit and also country scenes.  John Randall (1810/1910) was their most famous artist and he had a talent for painting birds.  

Royal Doulton is hugely collectable and is famous for its stoneware and ceramics, china figurines, porcelain vases, decorative pieces and is especially well known for its character jugs.  Some of their notable designers include Leslie Harradine, Agnete Hoy and Charles Noke.   The factory was established in 1815 in London and then in 1882 moved to the Potteries in Stoke on Trent. 

Royal Crown Derby was established in 1751 in Derby, where they originally manufactured exquisite figurines.   In 1786 they started to produce a tremendous variety of objects, all lavishly decorated and this decade (1786-1795) is one of the most desirable for collectors.    In 1811 they began to make rich and elegant dinner and tea services in the Japan, or Imari pattern and today these are prized by collectors.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when talking about Antique Porcelain, so why not visit us here at Old Mill Antiques in our delightful and historic town of Bridgnorth and see some of this beautiful porcelain for yourself.  We are open 7 days a week and our staff are always on hand to welcome you and assist whenever they can.