Antique occasional tables are portable pieces of furniture that were used for a variety of pastimes such as sewing, chess, card games and so on. Today we use the term “occasional table” to refer to wine tables, tea tables, coffee tables, nests of tables and in fact any small table we use in the home. Here at Old Mill Antiques we have a wide selection and we describe and talk about some of them below.

Nests of tables are always popular and if you can find a Georgian mahogany set in good original condition it could cost £3,000 to £4,000, but of course there are reproduction tables at much lower prices to suit the average budget.

Console and Sofa tables are slim rectangular tables that sit against a wall, often in a hall or entrance, or against the back of a sofa. You would expect to pay £3,000 to £8,000 for a Sheraton designed sofa table, but again reproductions are much more affordable and make a useful and decorative addition to any room.

In the early 18th century side tables were used for serving drinks and snacks, circular or rectangular with a central pedestal, often with a tip top to fit against a wall when not in use. This style of table has been popular through Victorian times and up to the present day.

Sutherland tables were first produced in the 1850’s and were usually made of walnut or mahogany. Having 2 long fold down flaps making them the ideal serving table as it takes up no space when not in use and can make quite a large surface area when extended. Price ranges for this style of table vary according to size and condition, being £180 for a small one rising to £1,500 for a larger size in burr walnut.

Lamp tables come in various shapes and are perfect to place a lamp on or small items such as magazines or photographs.

Coffee tables did not begin to be produced until the 20th century and of course most homes now own one of these. It is very in vogue today for blanket boxes, old style suitcases or travelling trunks to be used as coffee tables.

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